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George's Hurly X Boca Loca

Spring 2004

Nice hard punching  Redboy Jocko X Rascal  Banjo  3 way cross. 

Hurly's been putting them down and Boca is a solid little bitch, with wind to spare.

A couple will be available.  $500 accepting $200 deposits now.

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UPCOMING BREEDINGS ***Gr Ch Amboss X Darkness***

Spring Summer 2004

Line bred, nice working Bolio blood, with a touch of Eli.

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Vendetta X NTense Knl's Pepe

Future Brood Stock

None for sale.

Prices and Policies


All pups Guaranteed to meet your satisfaction, or I'll replace it. Simple as that.

My dogs are my friends, family and life. I make sure any that leave here, go to someone who would treat them and care for them as I would.

Any references to illegal activities, and I will permanently halt all communication, I do not participate in illegal acts, nor wish to associate with anyone who does. PERIOD.

Just because you have the money, doesn't mean I'll sell you a pup. I wouldn't sell most people a Gold Fish, not to mention a pup that I put time, money, effort, and love into.

Expect to put the same: time, money, effort, and LOVE into acquiring one of my dogs, I don't send them to just anyone.

If your still interested in any of my dogs / breedings, e-mail me.